Pro’s and con’s of city life!

Are you tired of people yelling late in the night keeping you awake the entire night? Are you tried with the noice level throughout day and night? Are you tired of rush hour traffic? These are some questions that bugs me to my core. City life is so complicated at times so I decided to create a pro and con of city life in a blog post. Let’s start with the con’s

1st con= let’s talk about traffic in the 5 o’clock rush hour. I hate it very much. Causing us to stress out about the tiniest things that makes no sense to me.

2nd con= street construction that adds to the traffic and adds time stuck in traffic

3rd con= drunk driving people making the non drunk people afraid of them driving causing a bad car wreak. And sometimes death.

1st Pro= more jobs is getting big causing more people coming in from all of the world.

2nd Pro= diversity, people from all over the world coming to the city wanting to get jobs.

3rd Pro= economy if we do not have money the economy will go down and we won’t be able to live in the city.

Overall the city life is complicated sometimes in our life’s. It is what we do with it to make sure our life’s is happy and healthy. Sometimes I feel like I want to leave the city life but I know that I have to face the reality of the city is convenient and more money to leave off of. Sometimes I get stressed out of the city and just want to relax in the comfort of my apartment.

2 thoughts on “Pro’s and con’s of city life!

  1. Well said Annemarie! I guess it’s like most of life: you have to take the good with the bad… Or the bad with the good. But one thing is for sure… Balance is important. Summer is good for getting out of the city, but some summers are better than others for that even . I can’t help but think you were thinking of me when you talked about stressing out in traffic though!


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