Why Books are Powerful?

Have you ever think why books are so powerful? Books are stories that keeps your brain inspired to create imagination. We read everything to learn new and wonderful things that we didn’t know before. I love books because I like my brain to escape the reality of life. The most of the time reading books helps your IQ levels ten times better. When I read books I get inspired to do things that I never done before. Most of the time when I am stressed out about life I easily go to reading books in my corner of my room. By 4 hours of reading a book I ended up not being stressed out anymore. Reading is my coping mechanism to get things untied up. I Honestly don’t have the science behind why books keeps us smart. In my prospective it’s keeps our brain out of harms way and always keeps us wanting to read more and more.

What Do you Think?

Why Do you think books are powerful?

Tell me what your favorite book is and I will try to find it and read it. I might want to review it on this blog!



One thought on “Why Books are Powerful?

  1. I love books too. In fact, I love them so much that I’m an author. I just finished reading The Indigo Girl, a book of historical fiction based strongly on facts. Very good book. I think you might enjoy it.


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