What do you want to say to Society?

Ok well society is made out of Hollywood people wanting to start rumors that can back fired on them. I want to say to them that I don’t understand why you are making us believe you . We are human and we are created in the image of God. He loves us enough that he sacrificed his life for us. I am not sure if society really cares what god is trying to say to them. We are beautifully and wonderfully made in his image. Do you get that society we are loved and made perfectly by one and only His son Jesus Christ. People in this world haves a purpose in life all we have to do is believe in Jesus Christ that everyone has a purpose. I am here to help bringing people to reconnect with the inner self and Talk to Jesus Christ to have a meaningful relationship with him. Everyone is made perfectly and wonderfully in the eyes and soul of Jesus Christ. Just believe in him and everything will be just great.

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