The reason we created Normie!

Two years ago I started to be involved with a project of a life changing event for a time for me to be apart of a community of friends who become my true friends and a big part of my family. There is a special man asked me to be apart of an internship in the film business and from there we both come together with my dad of course and we started to think of opportunities for me to learn form him. He asked my dad if I will be interested in being apart of a film he is making. I automatically said yes but my dad had to think about it for a couple of days “which he did”. Then my dad texted him back saying “We are in” the two years we created this awesome documentary film about “The Illusion of Normal and the beauty of love through the lens of Down Syndrome”. We went everywhere in the United States to film. I meet a lot of people in the two years and they are now apart of my family which I love dearly. I want to say I cannot do this without my parents of course and the people around me who support me throughout of my life and the process of Normie’s. That is why we created Normie to help people seeing there is a community of people all around you who loves you no matter what. I honestly hope this inspired a lot of people!!!

Thanks for reading!!!

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