Why Do We Get Sidetrack?

Do you ever think about what your future will look like and not wanting to grow up?

I Honestly keep doing this to myself and I hate doing this because I want to live in the Present and not let my brain go into the clouds. sometimes when my brain goes deep in the clouds it won’t go back down to earth for about a couple of days. I need someone to help me pull me back down into reality. Letting me see what I am missing out on and keeping me sane. For an example is I really want to have kids someday and I want a family to take care of. Being a mother and a wife to someone who loves me just for who I am. My head is in the clouds of me being a mother and a wife in the future. I will never stop thinking about my future but I know I need to stop it. That is why I need friends to help me not let me be stuck in the clouds all day long.

I get a side track for no reason and stop what I do in the first place and then when I go back I forget where I left off. I go into the clouds and think of pointless things that I don’t need in this first place. If I need to actually stay focused I go into a quiet room without any sidetrack like screens and bright lights and just do my work. How can you stay focused without any distractions? It’s hard but you know when you are all done you feel great for to accomplished things that you need to do in the first place. Then after that, you can treat yourself a little bit then go back to work. That is what I do when I need to get things done immediately.

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