Are we supposed to forgive ourselves? and should we count our Blessings?

Well, Imagine you did something you know was wrong in the first place but you did it anyway. How can you forgive yourself on doing the wrong thing on your first instincts? Should you wait for about an hour before you act on it? I have been doing that exactly that for about all of my life. I always think and then just do it on the first instinct but because of that, it could haunt me. After a day later I feel guilty for doing it and made me be in a funk that made my day so long and sleepy. How long do you give yourself to forgive yourself for? I use to always follow my first instinct when I know it is the right thing to do. Some of my instincts can lead me on thinking that I don”t need their help. But I am a human and I am not perfect everyone needs help once in a while.

My Boss one day told me that I don’t speak that much because I am sometimes Shy and I think too much. She told me that you need to talk among your peers and employees that I work with. I honestly hate butting into a conversation but she wants me to do it anyway to let my guard down. I trust her and whenever she tells me to do something I do it Immediately. I asked her to help me keep me out of my shell and let my guard down. She is my mentor in the Book Industry. At first, my Instinct about this job is I never imagine me working at a Book Industry but I took it and I fall in place and now I am in Rhythm and I have my own company email. This was not my dream while I was a kid but when she hired me instantly it become my dream.   I can’t explain how incredible this is thanks to the first instinct I am apart of the book publishing community and I love every second of it. The fellow employees I work with are incredible and they are my friends. The head of the foreign part of the company is one of my best friends and two other people Sam, Rebecca, and Austin is my best friends there. My boss Jan is my mentor and my idol in the industry and her assistant Ivonne is also my mentor. I honestly don’t know what I would do without all of the employees I work for there. They are my Book publishing family.

Most of the time I follow my instincts sometimes my instincts can lead me wrong. It is what you do with it and your choice to carry on with your life and just start over. I am with this incredible job I have. Thank you Book Publishing Family for a chance of a lifetime.


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