The journey to Find Yourself!

The Journey to find yourself is a way for you to build a foundation you live off from. My Journey is finding myself is to get over the fact that I am Bias against Down Syndrome why is that? I think it is because when I was younger in Hgh School I was bullied by a teacher in choir class. He said, “Sing to yourself and stay in the background”. He hurt my feelings Because I don’t sound like the other people in class. and again on the stage of a choir concert, he mumbled sing to yourself. I just ignored him and carried on with the concert. Til this day I still hate the fact that he hurt my feelings.

Back up a lot before that When I was 11 or 12 I thought Down Syndrome was a Decease and that Down Syndrome is a sin. From the incident above I had a rough life and I still do. This journey that god set out for me is to find a foundation in my life and to validate who I am. I honestly still not validate myself and I don’t have a firm Foundation in my life at the moment. I need to figure out how to build a foundation on my own and to validate who I am. I need to find people who I have in common with like people who have Down Syndrome for me to be friends with. To help me have a firm Foundation and finally know that I validate myself. I need to stop feeling that I am not accepted and that I am accepted for just who I am.

Do you guys know a way that I can validate myself?

Where do I go to meet new People with Down Syndrome?

What do you guys think I should do?

Thank you for Reading

One thought on “The journey to Find Yourself!

  1. He said that because he wanted the other singers to sing how he wanted and none of them are selling platinum records like Miranda Lambert or Carrie Underwood. Maybe he was trying to keep the class down and you weeded him out like a secret agent.

    ready4anything !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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