Do you know what makes up friendship? I think friendship means building love and support for each other. Always standing up for each other and pushing us to do different things to text your ability to spread your Horizons to new and amazing things in your life. Making friends can be hard sometimes putting yourself out there and that can making you venerable for putting yourself out there. If you do go that extra mile to make a new friend Rejection comes in play. They might not want you to be friends with them and they can be mean to you. You don’t want that! Do you want that? I honestly I don’t want that in a friend. Being rejected can also be hard and making you don’t want to go out again to make a new friend. This right now is motivation for you to keep on going out in the world and make new friends.

Do you know a story of two of the twelve Apostles name Simon and Jude? The story is Simon and Jude are friends and they follow Jesus Christ and because they follow Jesus Christ they both die for following him. Simon and Jude would do anything to stand by each side of each other and Jesus Christ in the middle of them. Simon and Jude stand up for each other and support each others in their Aspirations of life. Simon was saw in half and Jude was killed by an axe. These two people created the idea of Friendships. They want other people to be like them standing up for each others and having support all throughout our life’s. I would like to say thank you to Simon and Jude for creating Friendships in this world. I would not know what do to without friends in my life.

There is a close friend of mine and kinda a part of my family being my God Brother. His Name is Ross Van Zandt. He is a big part if my life and honestly don’t know what I would do without him in my life. He actually open my eyes to new things that I didn’t see before. Ross is a very Special Man and one of a very few heroes in my life behind my mom and dad, Jesus Christ, and Kurt and Julie Neale.. He is my Simon to Jude (AKA Me as Jude). We are one together and always standing up for each other and having support throughout our life’s. Thank you Ross for being awesome God brother and friend to me and my family.

-Annemarie Carrigan

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