Is being optimistic about life a Good Thing?

I was thinking why is it that why I am so wise beyond the years and so optimistic. I was in the car with my dad and I told him ” why am I so wise and optimistic? ” He told me that ” I don’t know why”. I am carious why is that. I think god gave me the blessing of being wise and optimistic. All of my life I always thinking so optimistic and I was so carious about everything that comes in my path of life. I always think what could happen in the future for me. Is being to much optimistic a good thing to have ? I honestly don’t know that answer. Do you know that answer? Being optimistic is not just thinking about what your life might hold for you it is about your curiosity on the world itself.

One thought on “Is being optimistic about life a Good Thing?

  1. Anne Marie,

    When An Individual is too optimistic he is able to withstand serious amounts of oppression because we know he will not give up. This is a focal theme in some religions where an individual is isolated and intentionally oppressed with an audience that lives in fear.

    It’s what adults call a catch 22 where you’re so optimistic but it’s a crown of thorns to not succumb to the oppressors intentions which are to ruin your taste for people and life (really their intentions are worse but we keep it G- rated here).


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