New year 2019

Hello its been a quite a ride in the year of 2018. There are been ups and downs this year for me. My Emotional life as took a toll on me with lots of change in my life. I moved into an apartment in Uptown with a roommate and her two huskies Dogs. Now I am working 2 jobs and I love it so much. I work at a Gourmet Dog Bakery and working in the Book Industry. I get to read manuscripts and attend author meetings. Which is cool because I want eventually write my own book. Which I am already doing it by the way. I am on the quest of living Independently and working hard because I am determined to make a difference in the world.

Have you heard that I am in a Documentary Film Called “Normie”? You Heard correctly because I am a main Character in it. It is about exploring the illusion of normal and the beauty of love. I am super excited to share our movie with you. It will come out in the month of February. I can’t believe that I am in a film and I never imagined that I could make a difference with this film I can help make a difference in this world.

The Director of the film is a close friend of mine and a huge mentor of mine. “One Night I told my dad I think Kurt and julie are kinda like my Life Couch”. Because they taught me everything about calling myself out on my own Bullshit and seeing that I am valuable because who I am and Jesus Christ made me just for who I am. I never imagine them in my life. They took my life to the next level.

In the New Year I made myself do some goals I want to accomplished in the new year. I want to work on my business and my blog. I am wanting to write one blog post a week and update my instagram and facebook and twitter with advice and a meaningful quote to talk about. each week I am going to mix it up every week with a motto with the blog post.

Over all I think this past year was one crazy ride of a Rollercoaster. I want this next year to be all good attitude and stay positive in the new year. See you guys in the new year.

Happy New Year Followers!!!

Annemarie Carrigan

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