Christmas Meaning

The meaning behind Christmas is a story of a baby named Jesus Christ. He was born in a manger coming out of Mary the mother of Jesus Christ. This is the morning that symbolized Christmas morning. They are with family and celebrate that Jesus Christ was born. This is an image that goes on in my head and while I am with my family on Christmas Eve Night . My family had been always on my side throughout my life and going back to Mary the mother of Jesus she will always be on Jesus side forever and ever. I will never forget this important day because of what Jesus did for me. I am a lucky person because I have a family that loves me for who I am and have Jesus Christ on my side. That is the perfect gift what I want for Christmas is Jesus to be always on my side. That right there is the meaning behind Christmas. May you Christmas shine so bright it will fill up with peace and love.

Remember Jesus Christ is always be on your side throughout your life . I am eternally grateful for Jesus and what he has done for me. Keep in mind that it’s Jesus Christ birthday not yours.

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