Christmas Eve night

Hello there tonight is one of the important night following the morning because it’s the morning of Jesus Christ birthday. I love this day because I get to be around family and celebrate the birth of my holy father. I never imagine that Christmas is the day of my fathers birthday. He wants me to know that it is his special day and spend it with people who loved you so much. He wants to let me know that he loves me just for being who I am and I get to remember him on his birthday. I would like to say to him how much he as given so much for me and giving me a life of peacefulness and full of experiences that I will forever cherish. Thank you Jesus for give me a chance to live the life that you gave me with the help of my parents and my family for helping me grow as a person. Tonight is a special night for me to remember my holy father. I love you Jesus and I am grateful for you to be born because you died for my sins and I will never forget you.

Have a Fantastic Christmas Eve and day!

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