How Can I Help People? Does God Want Us to Help People?

How Can I Help People? Does God want us to help People?


I wonder how can I help people who are in need of shelter and have the life they deserve to have. I have a friend that has no support of her family financially. She depends on her salary she gets on Groceries and rent and on her car insurance. I don’t understand why she is struggling on the basics of life and I have a lea way because I have the parents who helps me with my finances. It is unfair that one person is struggling and another person is not struggling. Why is that? I want to help her but I don’t know how I can help her. I think all I can do is to pray for her and let god take the lead. But It hurts me seeing her being in pain and struggling in life. It Physically hurts me seeing her struggle. She is an assistant teacher at a local private school in Dallas and now she is wanting to quit that school because of the salary is not enough to live off. She is looking for a new full time job plus going back to school. I don’t know how she does it. I look up to her and she helps me when I am low and I want to do the same back to her.

There are more people out there like her in need of a job that depends on the stuff we need to live off from. I want to help them and lead them to a life with Jesus Christ. Do you think god wants us to help people? I think he does wants us to help people are in need of shelter and live the life they deserve. What do you Think?

One thought on “How Can I Help People? Does God Want Us to Help People?

  1. Maybe she shouldn’t spend so much at the groceries. There are so many people in the wuld that can take our attention from our goals that it ultimately becomes a way to slow us from building our own magazine company or charming metropolitan.


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