Box of Money/Dangerous Situation

Box of Money! Dangerous Situation!


One day, the doorbell rings at 5:17 am, waking you up out of a deep sleep. Rubbing your eyes, you go to the front door. You see no one through the peephole. You open the door to find an unmarked box. Inside is 1 million dollars in cash and a scrap of paper with 5 words written on it: “You owe me big time”.


What would you do with that package? Do you keep the money or reported it to the police? If you don’t report it what would you do with the money?


For me I bring in the box then locked the door then go back to sleep. Then when its turn 9:00am I will look while scratching my head thinking what I would do with the box. 30 Minutes after I will make me a cup of coffee then I will finally make a decision while drinking my coffee.

Then I find a clue that leads up to the crime. Track down who sent it and tell someone that I am close with that I received a box of money with no name on it. I put the box in my bathroom with the door locked closed. Then tell a close friend that I know. I don’t text or call in this situation I go straight to their house and talk to them face to face.


Why am I telling you this? Because I do care about the people who reads this blog.  Jesus Christ care about your safety too.

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