A Mother’s Affection

A Mothers Affection


All your life, your mom has told you that you were special. But it wasn’t until the Flowers started talking to you that you realized it was more than a mother’s Blind affection towards the child.

This Love of a mother’s affection towards a child is so special that you don’t know what just hit you, in your heart, on a day that you will never forget. This day is the day you were born and your mother will never forget your birthday and how much she loves you just for being yourself. For a new mother of an unborn child you will never imagine what a gift you were given from god.

You were Chosen to be a mother by Jesus Christ. He knows that you are going to be a great mother to your child.

I think if Jesus Christ given you a chance to raise a child that perhaps might have Special needs I think that right there is the ultimate gift given to you. You need to know that God doesn’t give you a child if you deserve it or not. He knows that he doesn’t need your permission to give you a special needs baby. He did it because he knows that you will love this baby as much he loves it himself.

-By Annemarie Carrigan

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