Why Does God Allow Bad Things To Happen?

Why Does God Allow Bad Things To Happen?


Think for a second about what you have done in the past that are bad! Do you ever think why you have done bad things in your past? Do you ever think God puts bad things right in front of you, For you to make mistakes from? These are the questions that I don’t know why God puts bad things to happen in the world. One Prospective is, I think God wants us to make mistakes in life so we will know how hard it is really to live our life’s fully in Jesus Christ. I am not sure why God wants us to make mistakes but I Kind of understand why God thinks that we need to make mistakes in life. I think it is because he wants us to know that we have to earn the right to live our life’s. I know God does not want us to earn our life’s for him. The society puts the idea that we need to earn our life’s to him which we don’t need to in the first place. God made the ultimate choice to die for our sins. In a reason I do understand is Jesus died for our sins and rose again on the third day on Easter to come and tell us that even though we make mistakes he still loves us no matter we do. My answer to this question is he wants us to make mistakes and see our lives are full of imperfections and he loves us no matter what.

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