How Has My Faith Influenced?

How Has My Faith Been Influenced?


My faith has been influenced by multiple people in my life. My influences are people who have been with me all throughout my Life, stuck by my side through bad and the good and sickness and in health. These people are my family. I would not know what I would do without them. For sure my mom and my dad are my top two then comes my brother and my extended family members. Then comes my close friends Kurt and Julie Neale and their son and Daughter (Conner and Katie Neale) and many more to come.

I got to say the Movie that I am in called (Normie) has also impacted my faith in a big way. The journey I have made in this past year with “Normie” as Definitely Altered.

My faith is what makes me feel that I am worth living for and I love having my faith in Jesus Christ and in my family I have created for my self.

Thank you, Jesus Christ, for letting me have these people in my life to help me with my Faith.

I am Enterally grateful for these people and of course you Jesus Christ.

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