Fall Is Finally Here

Fall is finally here! The Leafs are already changing colors and the weather is now getting cooler and no more triple number digits forecast and Heat is totally gone. No more being complaining that is so hot outside and saving money in your household. I Personally love this weather because it reminds me of Oregon and it s the perfect weather of reading books and just stay in while it is raining. The cool crisp breech and the colorful leaves are the perfect match of what is fall is all about. This is the perfect weather for drinking coffee.

This is the season for me to write a whole lot and read a whole lot because the weather puts me in the mood of staying motivated to create stories to tell. Just to let you guys know that I will be telling stories about the holidays growing up as a child. I will also talk about why holidays are important to me and putting a christian Out Take on them.

I am going to change up the blog a little bit. Through out the holidays I will put more of a christian spin to it and I will put more of my reading list out so you will guys get to see what I am reading through out the year. Plus I Will Review some of my favorite books on this blog. You guys will see the inside to what is going on through my mind as a Christian Writer.

Just to remind you guys I do have a email Specifically for this blog if you guys want to email me about a topic you want me to do just email me and I will get back to you under 24 hours noticed. it is annemariecarrigan@annerocktheworld.blog

At Anytime you want me to give a shout out to you or anyone you know add it to the email and I will give out a shout out.

-Thanks, Annemarie

9 thoughts on “Fall Is Finally Here

  1. Annemarie,

    I loved your post and so look forward to following your blog as you share your insight into topics of interest. I too love fall as it brings beautiful, brilliant change. Thanks for sharing such an honest glimpse of part of you with your followers. You are a great writer! I am proud of and love you! Keep writing!!!!


  2. Autumn is the season of harvest, when nature shows its abundance of produce, ands shows off with all its color. You should have plenty to write about. I look forward to reading your blogs of nature.
    Your aunt Sue


  3. Annemarie, I’m so excited to know you have a blog, and I look forward to reading more! I did a little looking around, and I am so encouraged to see how your faith in Jesus impacts you and how you have a desire to share that with the world. And this weather makes me want to drink coffee, too! 🙂 Looking forward to hearing your holiday stories! – Lauren (Justin’s wife :))


  4. Annemarie, Thank you so much for handing me your card today in Starbucks. Your positive posts and wonderful advice and outlook on life are a great treasure and an inspiration to us all. I needed that today. Keep doing what you’re doing! #ShareLoveAndKindness


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