October Prayer

October Prayer


Give me the courage to follow you today. As I have to be all selfish and being self-centered. Help me follow you for the path you want me to follow all throughout my life. I want to be God-centered verses being self-centered. I want to follow your path for me. I am done being self-centered and not following your path for me. I Don’t want to follow my path anymore I want to follow yours. Please help me have the courage to keep following your path for me. I am ready for you to guide me to have a life you want me to have.

God, use my hands to write honestly and to not lie about what I feel.

Teach me to use my time wisely as I find ways to make my day productive and a Happy day for me.

I am Grateful for my mom and dad who have my back, Two working legs and arms, Able to see, Able to walk, Friends and family, Air, Water, food, entertainment, mentors.

One thought on “October Prayer

  1. Annemarie, I love your prayer. I have felt this way too many times to remember . I think we all struggle with being self-centered a lot of the time . I’ll email you the rest of my message.


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