Why I become a Writer?

Why Did I Become a writer in the first place?

Well , it is when I was in my second year in High School. I was in an English Class and it was the second class of the day. The Night Before My dad went to Arkansas and took the first plane out of Dallas. His friend and my Godfather was injured badly from Falling off a ladder from a tree. He Was taking the ice off of the tree from a bad snow storm.

He Injured his spine and cause him to be paralyzed from neck down. My dad told my mom and she told me in the morning. My Teacher Told the class to write an essay on who is your most important person you admire. I Picked My Godfather who was the most important person to me. I told the story of him falling off the ladder.

I knew that point  my relationship with him has changed for the good. By The Way I had gotten an “A” on that essay and I did another on the same subject and I had Gotten Another “A” on that paper. From That Point in High School I fell in love with writing. I knew that I was good with telling a story and I have a passion to tell stories base from the Truth of reality of Life.

Also, I want to Help people because I want to tell stories about Jesus Christ and spread his word all around the world. I think God wants me to spread his word all around the world. Between the story of my Godfather and the passion of writing and helping people I can changed the world for the good. I know that Is literally impossible to do but I will like to try.

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