The First Thing You Ask God When You Get To Heaven!

The First thing you ask God when you Get To Heaven


Do you ever think what would you first say to God when you first arrive in Heaven?

I honestly have multiple questions for him. One of them would be Why did you make me the way you want me to be? I will also say I can’t believe I see you finally I hear a lot from you form the bible but looking at you putting a face to it. It Amazing that you are you and I am here seeing you finally. I will ask him what was the reason on making the world? What gave you the Idea of creating the world? I am curious about you and I want to know everything behind the whole world and the reason why you did it in the first place?


As you can see I have a lot of questions to ask God and I don’t have one first thing to tell him. I will know that I am in a safe place and I will be full of grace and love from my father Jesus Christ. What would you say when you get to heaven? You got my answer, What is yours?

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