What Is The Christian Life To Be Like?

What is the Christian life to be Like?


Christians are a type of people who believe in Jesus Christ. If you are wanting to know how we live? Well we are your average people but we believe in Jesus Christ and we go to church every day. I am a Christian and I been this way my entire life and we are not scary. As a Christian, I believe and have faith in Jesus Christ. The one thing you guys need to know that we don’t bite and we won’t put you in a cult. Christian is not a cult it is a type of people who actually believe in Jesus Christ and goes to church to learn more from him and we confess our sins that we made and other people who did sin against us. I honestly I love being a Christian because it gives me the ability to know more about my Holy Father. I don’t know what I would do without him. It is physically hard to wrap my head around that he died for our sins. I am internally grateful to him. Don’t be nervous to go up to a Christian person we are just like you. I Promise we do not bite and or scary to you. We are just like you. Remember that we are human beings just like you but does believe in Jesus Christ. Go to a person you know that is a Christian and be friends with them.

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