What Is Spiritual Growth?

What is Spiritual Growth?


What is Spiritual Growth? Spiritual Growth is a form of learning more and more about how Jesus Christ works. Your Growth can be wanting to be closer to him or wanting to know more about him. I am in a period of wanting to know more about him and growing to be closer to him. Spiritual growth is all about Jesus Christ and growing to be with him. This is how much you want to know or be close with him. How much is too much growing your Spirituality? I think there is no too much wanting to grow your spirituality. It is how much you want to grow in your spirituality. With me, I am not nearly done with my growth with my Spirituality. There are a lot of questions I have about him and me. I am Not perfect but with my spiritual upbringing can help me grow as a human being. My answer to what is spiritual Growth? I got to say that it is up to you on wanting to grow or not.

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