How Can I Overcome Temptation?

How Can I Overcome Temptation?

Well, Temptation is everywhere around you. You have a choice to pick from Good or Bad. The temptation is what we have to stay away from. How can we overcome it? Well, it is called using your head and your heart working together smoothly. You know that temptation can affect your life. What Jesus Christ says about it “temptation is all around you but don’t let it get to you”. He won’t let you go through something that causes your life in danger. How can we ignore temptation? Well, it’s a battlefield of trying to let you do something that you don’t want to do something? It’s a choice to do something you want to do something. Use your gut and stick with it. Overcoming temptation is hard but it is a choice you have to make. For me, I try to surround myself with people who won’t give me any Temptation that I know that cause me to be in harm in any short

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