Table of friends

Table of friends is a community field with friends who believes in Jesus Christ. I am apart of this community of friends because I am a Christian and I want to know more about Jesus Christ and the friends here are apart of my life. We get together once a month to hang out together and do communion with a freelance pastor that we know. We talk about how Jesus Christ helps us grow as a human and confess our sins to him. This is the only time I feel surrounded by people I know that has my support in my life and who loves me for who I am. I can’t live without the fiends I have who has come to table of friends. The people I have met with are so full of life and so much of fun. This community of friends are fantastic and so much of love and support that I can’t get enough of. Every time I go I learn something new and be around the people who believes and haves faith in Jesus Christ is magical and unquestionably unique faith we have. The Freelance pastor is a close friend of mine and happens is the producer of Normie the Film. He is not your normal person but in a good way he makes us think in a different way of what Jesus Christ has done for us in our life’s. Table of friends is a great way to be surrounded with people who believes and haves faith with Jesus Christ. We do this once every month.

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