People Perceives things in different Prospectives

Why do you think people perceive things in different Prospectives? I honestly don’t know how people’s perceive things different from me. Everyone has their own Prospectives on about things going on in this world right now. It shocks me to think that everyone has a different outlook on what really happens in this world. In one Example would be The 911 story about the airplanes knocking down the World Trade Center and another airplane knocking down a building in Pennsylvania. Imagine one person saw what happened on that day and told their prospective on the 911 story to a person next to them. then another person tells their prospective on the 911 story to the person next to them, like a conversation has begun. That right there is what we perceive what really happened on that day. I don’t understand why we assume that the other person knows where they are going or assume they know what we about to say. I hate that assuming things that we think we know something but it’s ends up wrong. People perception on what happens on this world is different from each other. I think that makes us special from each other’s. Knowing that we have Prospectives on what really happens on this world but it’s different from another persons outlook of life.

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