What’s wrong with this Generation?

What is wrong with this generation of people taking advantage of technology? Over the past 10 years we have been so addicted to technology. We have this thing that is called smart phones, TV and computers. We use this things for our personal entertainment. We get so distracted with iPhones and computers and of course TV. We don’t realize that we have life’s and we take that for granted. I think that is wrong. We need to stop what we are doing from technology and go outside and get fresh air and start doing things outside more often. Our generation has not given our life’s to the greater meaning of having fun without technology. We need to not let our technology have the ability to live our life’s that we are supposed to be the ones who is doing life no technology have the ability to take over our life’s. We need to get off of the internet and get fresh air and do stuff with friends . That is the greater meaning of life is to have fun outside and be apart of the real world not the fake one on our devices. Get off of you bottom and start living your life without any use of the internet.

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