How Often Do You Leave Your “Comfort Zone”?

How Often do you Leave your “Comfort zone”?


Raise your hand if you think you leave your Comfort Zone? Everyone has there comfort zone. Everyone likes to do the same old stuff every day. Some people like to take risks because they know that they want to live like the next day is there last day.  Other people don’t want to leave there comfort zone because they don’t know what it is going to be like. People can hate the fear of the unknown and take risks is the fear of the unknown to the ones who don’t take risks. Your comfort zone is your inner circle that you do things you like to do. Taking some risks can be a good thing for the soul. The soul is gaining some knowledge from the risk to take. So your soul is learning that if you do some risks in your life you can grow as a human being. How Much do I get out of my Comfort Zone? Well, I think I do not usually leave my comfort zone! Why? I honestly don’t know why I do not usually leave my comfort zone. Maybe it is because I don’t let myself to find ways to get mine out of my comfort zone. If I want to then I will go and find it immediately without second-guessing. I want to find new things that I can leave my comfort zone but it will take time.

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