How Do You React When Provoked?

How do you react when Provoked?



When I React when I am Provoked I probably act a shy and be sassy towards them. Telling them to get out of my way or I will punch you, Your choice. Then I will just run the other way. What would you do when Provoked? Some people can go overboard by cruising them and or be physical by punching and kicking them where it hurts. Other people just don’t know what to do when provoked. When it comes to being provoked online you have two options. One Option is to just ignore it or the other option is to report them on cyberbullying to your local police station. But with that, it goes into a long investigation and they will try to get all of the information from the witness even though if that makes you cry and mad at them. I have no problem with the police but they are there for a reason to help when it comes to protecting you. They are your friend. Do not get into physical violence when you are just been Provoked. That is what I call being overly provoked and nobody needs to be in jail just for being provoked by someone. Take in mind your emotions can get in the way of what matters to you.

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