When have you ever Succeeded when you thought you might Fail?

When have you ever Succeeded when you thought you might Fail?


Raise your hand if you thought you are about to fail but ended up you didn’t fail? You just didn’t realize that you are succeeding in life. Do you ever make mistakes but those mistakes help you grow as a human being? Succeeding at something is like winning a Gold Medal in sports. Failing is apart of life and those mistakes can lead to having a successful life. Do you compare being succeeded in life or failing at life? These two things can conflict with each other. Don’t get caught in the pitfall of always thinking that you are better than everybody and thinking that when are you going to fail again. Succeeding and failing can be a huge problem in our society. The society can get into your head and brainwash you into thinking that you are better than everyone and think that you are always failing at something. In my life I am living with these Benefactors and I have to lean on my heart and soul that I won’t get to think I am better than everyone and don’t think I am always failing at something. Just lean on your heart and soul and of course, your gut feeling. Between these three things, you won’t get caught in the Pitfall of being better than everyone and always failing at something. Follow your gut, soul, and heart and you will have a Successful life forever.

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