Is Trying too hard to be happy making you sad?

Is Trying too hard to be happy making you sad?


Every time you think you are happy but really your sad?  Why do you Think you are happy? Do you think you are trying to hard to be happy? Coming from me who is trying to hard to be happy because I was contradicting about everything come to mind and self-doubting the fact of being an adult. It makes me feel sad because I know I won’t be happy and I want to be happy but ended up being sad because I truly want to be happy.  Our society they want to take away our happiness and keeping us being sad for the rest of our life’s. I think the society is not what you think it is. Society is a myth brought by Hollywood people and Satan himself. Trying to hard to be happy but really is telling you that you are craving what you want in life but you don’t have what you want but wanting it so bad is causing you to be sad. Why not you find things that make you feel happy and good at. You never know you think could happen just never give up on what makes you feel happy. Don’t try too hard and you won’t be sad about the fact that you think you are missing out on because you are trying to hard. Start with telling yourself what you are grateful for and you will find out that you are making excuses on things that you already have an go from there. I am not telling you the things you need to be doing I am just telling you why are you trying to hard to be happy making you sad on things you don’t have but think the things that you do have.




Annemarie Carrigan

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