How Much Can People Change?

How Much Can People Change?


How much can people change? At a point, people can change when they feel like to. What is that Magical Number of the percentage of how much you can actually Change? I think there is no Magical number on how much you can change. If you want to change just practice on what you really want to happen. It is like that Overused saying “Practice Makes Perfect”.  If you want to change then change: Change your Mindset, Change your Motivation, Change your Purpose. You never know could surprise you. But don’t change someone if that someone doesn’t want to change. If they want to change let them want it enough to get help. In my Opinion, There is no amount of money and any number allow people to change. There is no magical number to change any people. Let them want to change and don’t get into how much if they want to change. Don’t judge them on how much they want to change. It is what the inside that counts and don’t give up if you truly want to change. Change can also lead to many many Mistakes and can hurt your Self Esteem. It is what you do with the mistakes you have to learn from. Practice Practice Practice Makes Perfect. Learn from your mistakes and Practice makes perfect and that is what you can do to change.

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