The Roseland Community

The Roseland Community

By: Annemarie Carrigan



I got together with an old friend of mine about a job opportunity with her. I remember when I used to work with her doing the summer. I missed those days when I was working with her. I loved working on things that I am passionate about. So we got together and started to brainstorm opportunities for me to volunteer with. After 45 minutes of talking she had an idea came to mind. There is a community that needs a person to tell stories and build relationships with people in the community. This community is called The Roseland community that takes in low-income families and helps them with the essentials of living life. I am there to build relationships with the families in the community by telling stories of events they do in the community.


Why I am doing this? I always wanted to help people and I am tired of not doing the things I want to do in life. I was living in denial and being selfish with my life. Living with loneliness and depression I wasn’t connecting with Jesus Christ. All I wanted to do is to live in denial of living with Down Syndrome and being isolated in my room. I knew that living in denial was the wrong thing to do. I wanted to start living my life and actually do what I am passionate about. When everything is falling into place with The film that I am in. Now in the editing phase and starting a new job in September, and volunteer with the Roseland Community telling stories, and also working in a dog bakery on the weekends. I am starting to be busy with three jobs in the week and another job on the weekends. I am not sure if I have any time to go to the grocery store doing my grocery shopping because I am doing all of these jobs. I love to be busy because I don’t have a bunch of time to myself that I don’t need to be doing. So overall I want to be busy with my hectic work schedule and start to feel like I am being an adult now.


Why do I want to volunteer with this community?

I want to volunteer with the community because I know that they are truly wanting to build relationships with the families. My passion is to help people doesn’t matter if they are from a low-income community to high-income community or if they are poor. I want to tell them that they are worth living and god made you to be in this world. I want them to know I am here to help in any way. They have a purpose to live in this world. This community shows that people with low income can be happy and healthy Life’s which they deserve to have. I think this community needs to spread the word out there because there are other people out there that don’t have the support of the community to help them. This is why I am behind this organization 100 percent. Thanks to Sara Snowden to open my eyes to this community that needs help.


5 thoughts on “The Roseland Community

  1. Anne Marie
    Fantastic essay. Thank you for sharing it. I can’t wait to read your next one. You will inspire all of us to be better, more compassionate people.


  2. Anniemae, this is just AWESOME! I hope you can have have a real impact on Roseland . They are great folks . And yes.. thanks to Sara Snowden for making it happen!


  3. Anne Marie,
    What a blessing that God has lead you to the Roseland Community! I look forward to seeing your ministry continue to develop and grow.


  4. Annemarie has found the key to a happy life – being productive and feigning off idleness. Then, if this happens to be your last day on earth, you can look back and know you ended it with an accomplishment. Annemarie, you’re on to something great!


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