The power of Prayer

What is the power of prayer means to you? I think the power of prayer is a way of communicating with Jesus Christ himself. I am trying to give the time to pray with him every morning. But it is hard most mornings because of the lack of motivation and procrastination to pray everyday. We need to communicate with him some way every day. I think for me is to wake up early, go to my local coffee shop, and read the newspaper and think that Jesus Christ created the people who write the articles in the newspaper industry’s, and sometimes I look up and just people watch and just say to him thank you for creating me. That is all you need to do. Everyday just say Thank you in your head. And he will know how much you are thankful for him. Just a few words can be the power of prayer . It can be short but it can also be The Power of prayer. Does not need to be a long one, he will know you are praying everyday. Don’t think The Power of prayer is fake! It’s Not fake! you do not know what he has plan for you in your future life.

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