This Is Me!!!

This is me

Hello there I feel like I am Invisible and that I am all alone. When I finally found what I want in life! I will start when I was in a dark place and I was all alone and I felt that I was worthless. I remember when I was in my room trying to numb the pain that I was in denial about me having Down syndrome! I tried to stop the pain on myself and never worked out! When I tried to face the harsh reality of living with Down syndrome I was picked on and being mocked for having Down syndrome! I finally had enough of the embarrassment of being mocked and teased for having DS so when I was in the second year of college I wrote a letter to myself that I had given up on myself and let it all out of me on to paper and it felt great! I am still battling Loneliness but I have help with people who have the heart of telling me that I am worth living for! When I finally got told that I got some ease and I finally can breath again. It felt like an elephant has let lose in the wilderness. And I finally had a chance of getting the life I supposed to have in the first place. The life of serenity and peacefulness. When a close friend of mine and I started to think of ways to letting me have a job with him in his Film Production. He had an idea of me having a non paid Internship with him and I took it without any thinking of it. I was out of college and I was finding jobs for me in dallas. Two or three months later he had another idea of making a Documentary Film about the Illusion of normal and the beauty of Love. We started brainstorming ideas of what to film. He called it “ The Spaghetti on the wall”. So a few months into the Spaghetti on the wall we started to film things around us that can capture the beauty of Love. We are almost done with the filming of it on to the editing stage. During the experience of filming the film I have been being moved towards the truth of reality of living with Down Syndrome. He and his son has a gift of opening up to me about what is the truth or not about reality. They finally letting me have a chance to be truthful and being loved to others and by others. They are a blessing to have in my life. With battling loneliness and trying be not in denial with Living with Down Syndrome I have to be a person of being Truthful and I can actually be who I am in life. And I think that is why I am who I am . Doing this film and meeting new people is helping me see that it’s time to be truthful now on . This is me and I am trying to embrace that.
This is me with Battling Loneliness but I have help around me that supports me and helping me in my life.

Embrace the beauty of Love and be truthful!!!

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