Being around Film Production

Hello there as I am being involved in a film and also working the film is a great experience for me! Why? Well I can actually be who I am and be honest with myself! I have people in my life that is in the industry of film and I trust them and love them all. Even the ones who ask me the hard questions of life. I think that makes me a better person in the first place. The people are my family and I love them unconditionally! I don’t know what I would do without them. Being involved with the film I can finally tell the truth of life in my perspective. I love every second of being involved and around film. I feel complete with these people and being in the film! They are the ones who have my back and support me all throughout my life! Thank you for that!!!

To the Neale Family

Thank you for trusting me and having support in my life! I hope I can do the same thing for you guys. Love you guys thank you with all of my heart and soul!

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