Easter 🐣

Hello there today is the day when Jesus Christ came up form the dead. What do you think Jesus Christ would do if he was alive today? Would he welcome you in his arms or just ignore your existence? I would think he will welcome me into his arms. What would you think what he look like? Would he be a regular average person or a celebrity? Do you care if he is a celebrity? I don’t care because he is my savior and my holy father. What do you think? If he was alive today what would you say to him the very first time you meet him? Today is the day of remembrance of him and giving him thanks for our sins. Today is the day of telling him that we are so blessed that he died for our sins. Do you agree with me that Jesus Christ gave his life for the good and for our sins? Easter is the day of remembering our love for Jesus Christ.

He is welcoming us to heaven and be with him for eternity. Think of that when you are doing something wrong in your life. He is always watching out for you.

Happy Easter and remember our Savor Jesus Christ on this day.


Annemarie Carrigan

3 thoughts on “Easter 🐣

  1. P.s. he would probably be normal like everyone else to take attention away from the movers and shakers



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