Annemarie Passion story

Annemarie Passion story

Once upon a time, there was a girl name Annemarie. Her career choice is journalism because she was good at writing and she can talk things out on paper. She wants to help people and she loves to write. She went to Guatemala for a church mission trip. She was helping different families to create houses and stoves. She fell in love helping people like the families in Guatemala that they were poor. She loves the feeling of helping people.   So she thought she would be great to travel all around the world reporting on poor people and how the economy is either to low or too high for them to get the necessities for them to live off of. Once doing the Guatemala mission trip there was a girl named Leslie. She has what I have and we became friends. I dance for her and her family to entertain them. But Leslie loves dancing so she copied me. Right then I felt something, But I didn’t know what that feeling was, But I knew if Leslie laughed and have fun she will forget that she was really poor. That is when I wanted to make a difference in the world.


(All information is quoted by Business Insider Website)


( The Facts of Travel writers and travel journalists)


Actually, she wants to be a travel writer. Travel writers generally write about place and do so in a way that allows the reader to visualize the experience, where areas a travel journalist generally tells a story that is unique to that place and does so in a way that relays the facts. Travel writing is one of the most interesting forms of writing. The job of a travel writer is very exacting – it includes writing reviews and traveling. Travel writers work on a freelance basis for travel guide portals while others work on a full-time basis for guidebooks etc. whatever be the case, travel writing can be a very fulfilling field for more reasons than one! Many writers visit countries and places &then compile a travel guide for other travelers to read before they begin their journey. Others, have a knack for research and are able to create interesting visual pictures by the use of descriptions for exotic places, crowded markets and ancient monuments with grace and adventure. Writing and composing travel-related reviews of countries & places based on their personal experiences &visits –for travel portals magazines, travel guides research-based travel writing about bests hotels, shopping destinations, marketplaces and other site seeing options in different countries. Must be found of traveling &discovering new places. And must have an ability to handle pressure. An experience with a publishing house can be an added advantage. A travel writer must be able to articulately tell the story of a destination with an engaging and descriptive copy. I illustrating writing skills and expertise on a personal blog is the best way to gain credibility and recognized.


(The facts of the poorest country including the economy)

This is the ranked for the poorest country that I might want to go to help them out. Ok, there is Malawi-$226.50, Burundi-$267.10, Central African Republic-$333.20, Niger -$415.40. Here is some poorest country with the poorest economy. #20 Dominica Est 1.7% GDP. The economy of this banana producing nation has been increasing buoyed by tourism. The government has enacted comprehension reforms since 2003 in an attempt to liberalize and diversify the economy. This island nation is vulnerable to hurricanes like dean which caused damages totaling 20% of GDP in 2009. #19: Slovenia Est GDP 1.66%. Slovenia has among the highest amount of state control over the economy for all E.U countries. Unemployment has continued to rise even after recovery from the recession. Foreign investment has declined in favor of India, China, and other Iran Est GDP 1.66%. The government emerging markets. # 18: Iran Est GDP 1.66%. The government exerts massive control over the economy and generates the vast majority of its revenues through oil, Sanctions for its nuclear program have divested the oil exporting nation received a loan from the IMF, world bank, and EU in 2008 to service its short-term debt obligations. Austerity programs magnified the impact of the recession and the country has since instituted crisis taxes on financial, energy, telecommunications and retail companies. #16 Netherlands Est GDP1.5%. Dutch banks suffered a high magnitude of losses from their exposure to U.S mortgage-backed securities. Agriculture employs only 2% of the Dutch labor force, yet produces o surplus. A force on deficit reduction in the short term will likely dampen growth expectations in the Netherlands. #15: France Est GDP 1.34%. This nation is the most popular tourist destination. New president François Hollander has advocated deficit spending, Separation of depository banks from investment banks, increasing taxes on financial institutions, and introducing a millionaire’s tax in order to restore economic growth. # 14 Jamaica Est GDP 1.28 %. Services, Particularly tourism, account for nearly Two-thirds of Jamaica’s GDP. The level of debt exceeds the GDP, while unemployment, crime, and corruption are barriers to growth. #13 Germany Est GDP 1.27%. The largest EU economy is hindered by the poor performance of other member nations. German growth has been limited to a decline in demand for its exports, especially from within EU. In the long term, Germany must reverse its low fertility rates and falling immigration to provide an environment conducive to economic growth.


(Why I wanted this career choice)


I will Never forget The time I wanted to become a travel writer because I remember when Leslie one of the member of the families I took care of. She really was truly happy That I was there and took her mind off of her life for a couple of minutes. I fell in love with this career choice.

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