Update 2018

Hello there this is an update on our website. This year is 2018 and very busy with working my tail off. I am interning with an Film maker and also scooping ice cream at a local ice cream shop called Howdy Homemade. If you haven’t stopped by you should come in and get the Dr Pepper Chocolate chip. It is fun to work at an ice cream store but my dream is not ready to begin yet. My Christian lifestyle magazine business is my dream that I am not giving up yet. I am going to talk to a brand planning person that I know to start a brand for my company. It’s only a step forward to my dream and I am going to reach the cloud to get it. Don’t give up on your dream and you will flourish and reach that cloud. So lift your head up and never take a no for an answer.


Annemarie Carrigan

Here are some quotes!!!

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