A new beginning

Hello there, I am blogging before the old year comes to a close. So this is the last blog post of 2017. It is sad but also excited to see what is next in my life. Everything will change. New people will come in to all of our life’s. And new challenges will come in. It’s a big change but you will have to deal with it. I am ready for the challenge bring it on. As the holidays come to an end and I already turn 21. I am willing to empower people to have a life and to start fighting for a chance in the spotlight. You never give up on your chance in the spotlight. In my family there have been some challenges but I am trying to have grace and see that you have to carry on with your life even through you are in some challenges but I am trying to have grace and to talk to Jesus about all of it. So find your own new beginning in your life. I am finding my new beginning by step by step with Jesus Christ.

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