What is family?

Describe what is family! Describe what makes up a family ! What members do you think are in your family? These questions are hard to answer at this time. Do you agree with this? Family to me is a loving and supporting people in your life that can help you grow in life. I️ am lucky to have two family’s that support me in my life. A family of people that are close to me and wants to help me grow as a person and a biological family from blood who loves me and also supports me as a person. I️ am so lucky that I️ have two amazing families that they love and support me and want good for me. I️ don’t know what to do without them. What makes a perfect family to you? I️ already told you mine is it’s time for you to make a list of people you think should be in your family.

Family is first for me ! What is your first in your life?


Annemarie Carrigan

2 thoughts on “What is family?

  1. That’s so true Annemarie. I have friends that are as much my family as my biological family. I’m very lucky to have their support.
    We are always adding to our family group.


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