Invisibility what is the big deal?

Sometimes when people feel invisible that is when you also feel lonely. Loneliness and invisible is a most common problem we have in this world. I️ have been struggling with both. My entire life and trust me it is not fun. Some people can have their pride be stuck in a way of their quality of life and be invisible to the ones who doesn’t have pride be stuck in their life’s. But there’s one reason why invisible and loneliness can be a real problem. They both can be not a good quality of life and end up not having friends. Pride can get in the way and people will see that and they will think that they don’t want to be friends with you. I️ have too much pride in me and now with people who loves me and supports me will help me see that I️ have too much of pride and I️ need to ask for help now and then. I️ don’t want to be lonely and invisible anymore. I️ am trying to make a change and while I️ am surrounded with the people who love,cherish and supports me although my life. I️ appreciate all of the people out there who is supporting me through the hard times and the good times in my life.

Never let your pride get in the way of your quality of life.


Annemarie Carrigan

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