Somewhere New

If you feel like the reality is coming crashing down near you; you step away, close Your eyes Imagine a place where you are free. Take a big breath and feel the warm breeze hitting your skin. Reality can be hard, but every time you are with your support team you feel everything is in place. Reality can be frustrating when you don’t think it’s going your way right then. You need to let the small things go and start living your life as you wanted it to become. Imagine you are floating in the air and you are smiling; Imagine reality is like a ben of trash waiting to drop. When the trash drop on you. You try to duck and avoid getting hit by the trash. But the reality is not a trash it is where we live in before you meet god, but also we try to avoid the harsh reality because; it can hurt you in many ways. If the Harsh reality is coming way to fast for you. You can always find somewhere new for you to collect your thoughts and escape from the reality for a couple of days. when you feel like you are done collecting your thoughts you can go to your family and or your support team to help you feel good again. Your family and or your support team is there for you when you need them the most.

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