Knowing that having someone in your life that is worth living For!!!

Hello there this topic for this post is out of my comfort zone so bare with me. Do you have someone that knows all of your flaws? And they still love you just because you are you. Do you know anyone that one hundred percent believes in you and your talent? A friend that always have your back through the hard times and the good times. Well for me I have a friend that is kinda like my second father. He is a god like person and he believes in me and take on people that needs help and put them in his wing. Even through he is old in age I still consider him my second father and my one of mine best friends. Knowing that there is someone that can make you open up to the hard things in life is a blessing from god. I want to to never let him down even through it will be ok to miss things. He is a special man and his gift from god that he Carries throughout his life. I think that is a wonderful gift from god.

3 responses to “Knowing that having someone in your life that is worth living For!!!”

  1. Thank you for writing this. I think what you said is wonderful! I like reading your blog. It makes me smile.


  2. You are literally amazing AnneMarie. Your video submissions are going to be very valuable for me to watch.

    Keep em’ comin mam


  3. Anne Marie,

    You are so thoughtful to think of us when you’ve been so busy with your life lately.

    Thank you.


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