Why is life so complicated?

Why is life so complicated? I have no clue why that is . Life happens in many ways! It could make or break you! Life can change your outlook of life and wonder how is it so complicated and confusing that life can make you feel different about the small things of life. There are some reasons why complicated things can make you a better version of yourself. How is that? Well, for me I think the complicated things can make you go outside of your comfort zone and make more experiences for you . There is another reason why it is confusing it can help you! The complicated things can make you see what life can bring to you. Some stuff can hurt you and feel you want to cry. Life happens and it is up to you to make your life the way you wanted it to become.

Here is a quote from god .

One response to “Why is life so complicated?”

  1. Annemarie,
    You are so intuitive. You just GET
    life!!! Wish some could rub off on me.


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