What is normal? Does it mean that every one is not special in their own way? Everyone has different hair color and different personalities. Does people even look on the inside anymore? Well,no because people who is in Hollywood are trying to get to you and they are wanting you guys to believe in them. The people in Hollywood are the people who is just wanting to suck up all of the bad in this world and turn it into reality which is not fair to the ones who needs some extra help. Everyone have been judging each other and claims that person is just normal. But what is normal ? Normal is a fantasy that Hollywood made up to label them the skinning one or the fat one. People who haves special needs to Hollywood people means that they are retarded. Well from my part screw them for making the world what so-called normal! That people don't see the truth in the world and just want to put labels on everyone. I think normal is a myth and be the person that don't label us . Let the people be who they are and don't label them normal or anything else.

One thought on “Normal?

  1. I hear you girl. But I hear anger in your writing. Is that what you feel toward some “normal” people ….or just toward a concept like “Hollywood”?


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