Kids are so cute 

Hello there I am back with an update. Well I am interning at a child care center and that kids are so cute and both hard work to take care of kids. They cry a lot and it’s hard to keep it up with diaper changing and feeding them. But they are for sure cute to look at the them. I want to become a social worker because I love to help people and it is nice to give a baby to a nice home with parents who will love them and to support them no matter what they do. I will always love helping but I also love writing. I will do it both. Writing and helping people out. Let’s get back to the subject in hand kids are hard to take care of but they are worth it. 

One thought on “Kids are so cute 

  1. I love this one! I am anxious to hear about who you are going to interview. I know you probably already have it all planned out and I think mom is helping you

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