What is Life All About!!!

People say that life can be difficult but it’s all about the experiences you go through that makes up life is all about. People don’t know that life is not just about the experiences there is much more  about life that everyone really don’t know the whole meaning of life. There is only one person that knows that. The  person is god and he knows the meaning of life. Life could be one way and then the next day it could be another way. You don’t know what life will bring you . Just be happy for having a happy healthy life that god gave you. There is many bumps of life but the one thing that you need to know that life is what god wants you to experience and he wants you to be a part of his creation. He is the one that puts you on this crazy mixed up world we call home.

One thought on “What is Life All About!!!

  1. I like that! Maybe God gives us the bumps so we can grow? I think that’s what you’re saying. Anyway, enjoyed the piece Annemarie. Keep em coming!


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