Christian Faith 

Hello there I am a Christian and that means that I believe in god and we also believe that we go to church every Sunday morning. My whole family is Christian and we love to learn more about God and how he works in mysterious ways. I admire god and he knows I admire him. My mom and my dad used to make us get up early and have a puncake breakfast before we go to church at 11:15am. Those tradition like going to church with the family and have a nice hot breakfast before we head off to church make me feel so warm inside. I will never forget when I go to church with my family every Sunday morning . There is another tradition is when we go to church during the Christmas Eve day and then afterwards have a nice meal together and then back to our house to watch some previous Christmas videos when we were younger. I keep saying we I meant to bring in my brother in the conversation. That is why I keep saying we because my brother and I used to do these things together as a family. I love those memories. 

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