Its 2017

Hello there I am back for the 2017 update about how much I have grown into a women right now. Lets hop into it. Well Since the last time It was 2016 and i was telling you how much I have grown that year. Right now, I am In the new year with couple of months intil I graduate from the Thrive program. I have been experiencing grief right now because My Grandfather just passed way last monday. My dad called me that he was in Arkansas for a couples weeks now getting the affairs fixed. I Admire him because He actually cared for his father and he has always been a fathers boy. I couldnt have asked for a loving and a great role model for me. My parents are my role models throughout my life. I dont know what to do wuthout them in my life. I will always keep them in my hearts and my soul intil my last breath. Lets get back to the subject in hand, Over all I think that I have gone through a rough year for me because of family and my career. In this Upcoming year I want to start helping people out by giving back to the community. My family goes first then my education. They have been there for me all of my life and I want to pay back there support. As a down syndrome women I have gone through a whole lot of struggles  throughout my life and I love every little struggle because its a challenge for me to congure.

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